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AR herbal medicine education platform

The medical system reform is a worldwide problem. As the precious heritage and the feature of Chinese medical science, tradition Chinese medicine and western medicine complements each other to maintain peoples health, which is an important feature and obvious advantage of Chinas pharmaceutical and healthcare fields.

China Eastern Special Airports Training System

There are big opportunities to meet the needs of aviation companies looking to integrate both technologies into their daily operations. with AR and VR ,we see the future convergence of these technologies into a single platform in the years to come. By understanding both technologies, we have had tremendous interest from our customers and the market alike regarding current and future uses of these technologies.

Smart Industrial Guidance System

Building Information Modeling (BIM), is a digital representation of a construction project, which can be used by architects, engineers and other construction professionals. It helps in planning, designing, constructing, operating and maintaining the diverse physical infrastructure coupled with speedy data exchange among the involved entities. Nowadays, this software tool is becoming exceptionally popular among end users owing to its lucrative advantages such as increased return on investments (ROIs), time and money saving. Rapidly increasing number of construction projects globally, rising awareness of BIM and associated benefits, and the growing demand for automated models in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, have been facilitating its adoption in construction industry, especially for commercial and infrastructure projects. Moreover, government mandates regarding usage of BIM in building constructions would further boost its adoption worldwide.

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital expression of a facility (construction project) about its physical and functional characteristics, and it can be used in design, construction, management etc. In other words, BIM is a technology that transfer all the information happened throughout the whole process from construction to demolition into digital data. Moreover, by insert, extract, update and modify the information, it can be regard as a sharing knowledge of the facilities information.

BIM Project Profile: Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute

For BIM application part, RichMax had work with Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute. By using ARdEZ integrated BIM platform that combine BIM models with 3D GIS, the client can previewed, measured all geographic information in 3D. Therefore, the quality of design increased as well as the practical value, in other words, the design may fit perfectly with the real environment. Eventually, a Smart City ecosystem with whole life circle information would be formed.


zSpace is a 3D virtual rendering and interactive desktop products. It’s monitor has head tracking function, that allow image adjust as the position of eye changes. It can be used in many different fields, Education: - Unique immersive interaction - Covering more than 250 courses (natural sciences, life sciences, geography and space science, art design, etc.) - Give students a different learning experience - New ways of learning may encourage students to do more self-exploration - zSpace allow students to understand abstract concepts, as a result, learning efficiency may increase

Nevertheless, RichMax believe that this hardware provide unique way of experience VR, and can explore in more fields such as rolling stock, aircraft. Therefore, RichMax (ARdEZ PARK) developed a software called ‘zDesign Loader’, that just customized for zSpace, to expand the possibilities of this hardware.

zDesign Loader

zDesign Loader is a software that develop by ARdEZ, and specially design for zSpace platform. It allow users to input the models that design by other mainstream 3D modeling software directly into zSpace, and can be preview at the same time. - Input model directly - Live-preview application - Student self-development - Allow 3D print DCC software include: SketchUp、CATIA、Onshape、Alias AutoStudio、SolidWorks、Alias Surface、Inventor、Rhino、solidThinking、ANSYS SpaceClaim etc. Supported format include: obj,stl,igs,ipt,stp,dxf,iges,emg,skp,sat,dwg,dae,rvt,amf,sat,step etc.

zSpace Courseware for Railway engineering

AI & Deep Learning

One hypothetical AI takeoff scenario Following is one made-up account of how AI might evolve over the coming century. Everything we love about civilization is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of helping civilization flourish like never before – as long as we manage to keep the technology beneficial.

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