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Cooperation, Sharing, Win-win

As the issue of new technology become more and more cognitive in the world, in 2016, China first government endorsed virtual reality industry alliance was announced in Nanchang. Meanwhile, Nanchang government unveiled a support policy package for augmented reality and virtual reality industry to establish industry standards as well as a strong AR/VR ecosystem in China.
The industry of AR/VR is authorized and supported by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and aims to enhance the development of the VR/AR ecosystem in China by promoting technology innovation and the formulation of industrial standards, bridging hardware, software, content, platforms and industrial application. Moreover, Nanchang authorities will launch a 1-billion-yuan Angel Funds and a 10-billion-yuan industrial investment fund to support VR firms in the base.
With this huge support from government and the experiences that RichMax have in the field, to create ’RichMax Smart Town’, that plan to integrate over 300 AR/VR companies together with an output value of 10 billion yuan (1.53 billion U.S. dollars) in three to five years, would be the final goal. Therefore as the first stage, RichMax revealed first AR (augmented reality) industrial park, ARdEZ PARK, to the world.
Jiangxi RichMax Co., Ltd. (RichMax), was established in 2015 with a registered capital of 100 million Yuan. It was the first provider of AR (augmented reality) industrial park, ARdEZ PARK, in China. RichMax's strong corporate background supports them to stay on as one of the top companies.
RichMax Group is engaged in six different fields including International Trading, Manufacturing, Software Development, Modern Innovation Education, Emerging Financial Service, and Cultural Media. The Group have 16 subsidiaries across three different countries that have long-term business dealings with more than 100 countries. For instance, one of the subsidiary, GDCP, already work in international trading for more than 20 years with wide range of products, such as cosmetics, electronic accessories, home necessities. GDCP’s clients are all around the world, including: Primark, Marshalls, macy’s, Dollar Tree, Sears, Forever 21, ASDA, Walgreens, TARGET, Walmart, CVS, and Rite Aid etc.
Fully equipped with both domestic and foreign resources, RichMax Group is able to integrate different industries to create an innovative platform that combine all channels and systems. This enabled RichMax to expand the capacity in international trade, emerging financial services and cross-country investments. Furthermore, the group was able to transform from traditional foreign trading enterprise to a modern technical and investment services platform that strive to cultivate 2-3 companies to float.
RichMax always believes in "cooperation, sharing and win-win" as it's business philosophy. In a Vertically sense, RichMax keep improving on the core technical ability to develop sustainably. horizontally, the company continuously seek the opportunities to cooperate within competitions and integrate different resources to bring out the win-win situation. The financial background and diversified industrial chain allow RichMax to gain stronger ability to curbed risks and survive in today's competitive market environment with sustainable development.