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ARdEZ PARK is the first most powerful domestic media, marketing solution, community, and network platform of augmented reality in China. With10000 square meters construction area and 14 different professional-oriented modules, marketers can make their campaigns faster, smarter and more personalized when their data, software and service are part of an integrated suite. In other words, ARdEZ is committed to providing the most complete "one-stop service”, from technology to platform, software to hardware, providing the most comprehensive overall solution to satisfy customer would be our core value.
In the other hands, ARdEZ is also a government-support entrepreneurship that provide a place to gather the new-generation IT startups with a multi-step incubation system from startup nursery to incubator to accelerator.
ARdEZ has a mature incubation system that offer these startups whole packages of support, such as the physical business space, investment & financial support, marketing advice, human resources and policy consultation. In the technical parts, ARdEZ also invite professional experts to hold the lectures every week, and it’s open to public, everyone who are interesting to the topic could enjoy the lecture through our Live channel.
ARdEZ believes the technologies like AR/VR would elevate people’s lives, and to let more people enjoy the beauty of technology would be our main purpose.

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